AQSIQ registration for raw materials

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AQSIQ registration for raw materials
 AQSIQ registration for raw materialsRequirements for AQSIQ registration of overseas suppliers of imported solid waste.

Knowledge published by HangZhou Recycling Inspection Service Ltd. AQSIQ agent in China

1,Is legally registered and operated

2 Has a permanent business premise

3, Is familiar with and abiding by the laws, regulations and rules of Chinese Inspection, Quarantine and Environmental Protection

4,Has been granted the ISO9001 quality management system certification or the RIOS certification

5,Guarantees that the materials satisfy the compulsory requirements of the national technical specifications of safety,hygiene and environmental protection and which are applicable to the types regulated by AQSIQ

6, Has stable supply source and the methods for controlling of environmental protection quality of the source

7,Has no safety,hygiene and environmental protection problem within the latest 3 years

8 Be able to apply for registration and pre-shipment inspection on the internet and possesses radiation detection device and other corresponding basic facilities and inspection equipment

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