Apply for AQSIQ certificate

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Apply for AQSIQ certificate
 Apply for AQSIQ certificateAQSIQ applying Apply for AQSIQ certificate

What kinds of documents should be prepared for applying for AQSIQ certificate ? How long it will take to complete the application/

1 the printed registration application from which is download from the system for electronic supervision of inspection and quarantine of imported solid waste which can be used as raw materials.

2, the notarized tax registration documents and the notarized commercial registration documents (If any)

3, the statement documents of institutional framework, departments and position responsibilities

4,the ichnography of the permanent business premise on which dimensions are marked, the ichnography of the processing site, and the video files or 3 or more than 3 photographs which can comprehensively embody the actual scenes of the aforesaid premises and sites

5,the color copy of the ISO9001 quality management system certificate or the RIOS certificate, and the relevant operation manual,

6,the Chinese translation

Generally speaking, it will take 3-5 months to compete the application 

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