how to obtain AQSIQ license

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how to obtain AQSIQ license
 how to obtain AQSIQ licenseHow to obtain China AQSIQ certificate AQSIQ license audition

Will AQSIQ send any inspector to have on-site audition when my application is being processed? Is there any extra charge on that ? How to prepare for on-site audition?

No,there will be no on-site audition during your application. But AQSIQ will send inspector to overseas suppliers which are first time registered with AQSIQ.And they normally come after you obtained the certificate. Is is free of change for on-site audition. But applicant shall provide some necessary support for visa, transportation, accommodation to AQSIQ inspectors. You company shall receive early notice by letter or fax for their visit. According to spot inspection record for registration application of foreign suppliers of imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials. Those inspectors will check whether those information is as same as it provided by applicant company.

What we need to do before shipping after we obtain AQSIQ certificate ?

According to China’s relevant regulations. AQSIQ certificate holders still need to obtain shipment inspection and CCIC certificate before exporting to China

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