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AQSIQ certificate
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For the foreign suppliers that have acquired the registration qualification, what kind of circumstances will disqualify certificate?

The AQSIQ shall give a warning of grade A to foreign supplier and disqualified its acquired registration qualifications, if it meets within any of the following situations:

1 provide fake entry documents

2 transferring the certificate of registration number to other enterprises

3,exporting a fraudulent conduct such as deception in the course of exporting waste-source raw materials

4,exporting waste-sourced raw materials are extremely unqualified or epidemic hazardous to against the environmental protection projects

5,warning grade B occurs again to foreign supplier who has received warning Grade B

6,refusing to cooperate in returning a shipment

7, transporting to China with unqualified solid waste which have already been returned to original country

8 refusing to accept supervision and administration or being discovered to fail to satisfy the provisions of article 8 of the measure for supervision and administration over inspection and quarantine f the imported solid waste that can be used as raw materials. Order 119 of the AQSIQ upon subsequent on-the-spot supervision and inspection

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