10 Facts about Aluminum

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Things you never knew about Aluminum: like how its the third most common element on Earth

We see Aluminum used around us everywhere. From aluminum windows or aluminum doors you find in your house, to aluminum foil your mom packs your sandwiches in, and the decorative aluminum adorning your (that’s right) aluminum windows; aluminum is widely used in a majority of situations around the house. What you probably didn’t know that aluminum is an ideal choice in several key industries.

In fact, aluminum is the third most common element in the Earth's crust, making it the most abundantly available metal on Earth. Being extremely lightweight, aluminum can be used to make lightweight, yet very durable alloys. Apart from that, aluminum is a non-magnetic material, making it ideal in some industrial uses. It also conducts both heat and electricity nearly as good as copper does.

There are several advantages of aluminum which we’re unaware of, yet as an industry, aluminum happens to be much sought-out all over the world. Following are some of the facts about aluminum that you may have never known before:

1.    For those wondering, aluminum is also called ‘aluminium’.

2.    Aluminum’s density is only one-third that of steel, making it a very lightweight, and yet very durable metal.

3.    Aluminum is not easily soluble in water, which makes it resistant to weather, common gases within the atmosphere, and other liquids.

4.    Aluminum is not itself toxic, which makes it safe to use with a wide range of eatables and foodstuffs. This makes aluminum an ideal choice for kitchen utensils and food packaging in the form of aluminum foil.

5.    Aluminum foil blocks light, oxygen and bacteria, which is beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry for packing medicines such as tablets and capsules etc.

6.    Aluminum is very strong, as any aluminum alloys can match the strength of steel, if not exceeds it.

7.    Aluminum and its alloys are significantly used in the aerospace industry auto manufacturing and transportation, construction, packaging etc.

8.    Aluminum is also used as a compound to manufacturing paints, antacids, deodorants and are also used as a catalyst in explosives (such as ammonium nitrate) to boost explosive capabilities.

9.    Aluminum is a very reflective metal, which is very useful in home decor items such as aluminum blinds, aluminum fence, aluminum doors, aluminum windows etc.

10.Aluminum is incredibly flexible enough that it can be easily formed into the tiniest of items such as paper clips, dial gauges etc.

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