COATING MACHINE By Muhammad Naseem

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COATING MACHINE By Muhammad Naseem
Coating is normally applied to improve the surface or properties of product such as the outer appearance of a product, its scratch resistance etc. Coating is the most important part for a product’s finishing or finalization and it is applicable as liquid, gas, or solid.

This process is performed with the help of coating machines and these machines are available in large, medium, and small sizes as per the product size and quality relatively. These machines can coat in the range of 20-25 meters per minute.

Coating process contains different techniques such as:

 1.       Chemical vapor deposition

2.       Physical vapor deposition

3.       Chemical and electrochemical techniques

4.       Spraying

5.       Optical coating

6.       Roll to roll coating

These machines have the capacity to coat in different colors and different material simultaneously, and are very effective for products quality enhancement.

Industries can never leave these machines out of their production line as these are an essential part of manufacturing. is providing a unique business platform to sellers of these machineries. A wide range of sellers dealing in such machines can be viewed at the link below:


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