Important Notice of Fraud & Phishing Emails

Print Bookmark believes in customer satisfaction and providing the highest standards for customer privacy & security. TradeKey is committed to keep trading on the Internet as safe as possible.

In light of our endeavors to promote a safe trading environment, we would like to enlighten you regarding the increasing frequency of different “fraud & spam emails” throughout the internet which may lead to dire results. It is important to remain apprised and beware of a number of fraud or spam emails that have been circulating around the Internet.

The people who send these emails hope that unsuspecting recipients will reply to the email or click on a link contained in the email, and submit sensitive personal information (i.e., TradeKey passwords, credit card numbers, social security number, registration information) in fake feedback forms. These links and forms are designed by people with malicious intent and may use (read: misuse) any collected information for their own personal benefit, while also causing significant trouble to yourself.

Therefore, it is requested to remain cautious when responding to any email request for sensitive personal information.

Signs to Identify the Fraud e-mails:

Following are some of the signs which you might identify in the fraud e-mails;

1. Fake email address:

Most fraud email senders may send emails with fake email addresses; some of them may appear to be real email addresses of (e.g.: From From: TradeKey Support, TradeKey Department, etc). The "From" field of an email can easily be altered and it is not a reliable indicator of the true origin of the email.

2. Emphasis on urgency and threaten your TradeKey account status:

Most fraud emails tries to create an urgency and threaten your TradeKey account status on one pretext or another. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • => State your account was suspended or that you need to verify your account by entering information about your member ID and password or credit card without any justifications or reason.
  • => Force you into "urgent action" by threatening that your account will be suspended or closed if you do not follow their instructions and submit sensitive personal information on urgent basis.

Make references to a user agreement in order to seem more legitimate.

3. Fake links and Fake Feedback forms:

One of the most common practices is that most fraud emails have links or forms, which lead you to another web page and ask for you to update or submit information. Keep in mind that these links may be false as well, especially if they do not lead to the TradeKey Website (i.e.

Caution: If TradeKey requests information from you, we will always direct you back to the TradeKey website. Please do not click the links or URL in any emails to update or submit information.

How to Protect Your Account?

Following are a few helpful tips which will help you safeguard your account against fraud and phishing emails:

  1. Do not use links given in an email which direct you to another website.

  2. Avoid giving your personal information, (such as member ID and password, credit card etc,) online if asked in an email through a form or through a website.

  3. Make sure that you are using a secure website while submitting your credit card or other sensitive information via your Web browser.

  4. Regularly sign in to Tradekey account, and make sure your account information is up to date.

  5. If you feel you have received any Phishing or Fraud emails, kindly report them to is committed to promote & encourage a safe trading environment. Therefore it is recommended to follow all necessary guidelines in case you receive any such emails as highlighted above.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, simply click here to reset your password and to log in at

Stay Safe, Trade Safe.

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Re: Important Notice of Fraud & Phishing Emails

By tattooboss on Sep 4, 2011 17:36
ive bieen ripped off trying to order goods from anhtraders who are a goldkey member,also by damienspowerhouse ,and by pmadvertiseing and ive reported all of these and still nothing has been done to any of these phony companies as i just recieved another sell offer from damiens power disgusts me that this keeps happening on this site,the very least they could do is ban them from tradeing on this site.and deffinatly shouldnt let these people keep ripping people off under tradekeys name.john shank
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Re: Important Notice of Fraud & Phishing Emails

By Optimus Prime on Sep 5, 2011 5:51
The only way to get a seller reprimanded is to first file a complaint against them. To know how to do so, please check the article on How to Report Fraud?
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Re: Important Notice of Fraud & Phishing Emails

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