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An interview of CEO Junaid Mansoor to Telecom Recorder.
Internet is the future of Pakistani economy that can accelerate its exports manifold in short span of time if we utilize the full potential of opportunities of e-commerce.

This is stated by Junaid Mansoor in an interview to Telecom Recorder.

The online trade business is touching the mark of US$ 5 trillion in world but Pakistan doesn’t have any substantial share in this online trade. We have limited consumers in Pakistan, because Pakistani customers are not tuned to pay for internet-based services as yet and there are so many people who are still not using the computers and internet to expand their businesses.

For basic services we offer our services free of cost to Pakistanis in order to help them promote their products internationally.  We only charge them if they ask for extensive services.

We are planning to forge partnerships with Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP), Small and Medium Business Development Authority (SMEDA) and Organization for Islamic Countries (OIC) to promote Pakistani products worldwide and also to facilitate the Pakistani exporters in exploring the multi-billion dollars trade opportunities through internet.

Currently, TradeKey has 140,000 users in Pakistan which is very less compared to its worldwide consumer base of 5.5 million active users.

We are representing Pakistan in over 220 countries world and first and only B2B website with major clientele based in US and China. Over US$ 100 million buying and selling that takes place at our website is mainly from US, Chine and Europe.

TradeKey facilitates importers and exporters worldwide by providing them with the opportunity to interact with the businesses of their interest around the world through its website.

TradeKey, Pakistan’s premiere business-to-business website, has been ranked 3rd largest B2B in the world. Its presence is growing in Pakistan with over 400 employees, TradeKey has its offices in Pakistan, Saudia Arab and China with over 500 employees and 5.8 million customers in 220 countries.

TradeKey made capital investment of $20 million. It was established in 2005 with the aim to facilitate global trade and bring buyers and sellers from all around the world to one common platform. We have succeeded in our dream in a way that we have become third largest business to business website in the world within 6 years and we were also declared as one of the fastest 500 growing companies of Asia in a competition held by AllWorld Network organized by Harvard University.

Promotion of our locally produced products through internet world over has not yet gained momentum for Pakistani manufacturers and exporters but we are working on new Pakistan-specific products with the aim to attract a large number of Pakistani businesses and exporters for using strength of Internet to flourish their businesses.

More than 9.5 million visitors visit TradeKey website with over 32 million Page views every month. So far over 1 billion visitors have visited our website in last 6 years. At our website there are 36,000 categories of industries in which we have products by sellers for buyers.

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