Doing Business in Canada

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Canada is one of the richest and economically stabled countries with low inflation and high Economic growth. Canada acquires position among top ten industrial powers. Due to strong consumers’ market and low inflation there are great opportunities for investors to set up business in Canada. With positive economic growth Canada offers opportunities for investors in many sectors e.g. Energy, food and drink, aerospace, biotechnology, financial services, defense & security and business services.

Canada is rich in natural resources so there are many opportunities in this sector, apart from this there are huge potential sectors for investors that include Automotive, Energy and Power, Aerospace, pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Information Technology. Along with International business Canadian government also welcomes skilled worker and professional from different field to work and settle in Canada. If you are highly skilled or have extensive work experience in your field, you may be able to achieve permanent residency in Canada via Canada immigration visa.

If we talk about Business costs In Canada, it is ahead of other G8 countries it was revealed in a recent study that was carried out to compare business costs in Canada, Europe and the USA, Canada is leading others in across a broad range of business operating costs. Canada’s market economy has maintained a varied structure with both small companies and multinational companies. Doing business in Canada not only gives you access to the strong local market but also to USA and Mexican market as 75% of Canada’s export go to USA. There are also huge opportunities in IT and Engineering fields these sectors are expected to gain prominence in the commercial sector in coming years.

The recent recession did hit Canada but with modest growth it has almost emerged from the situation. Canadian Dollar continues to strengthen and unemployment is getting better with public sector accounting for over half the new job gains. Investing and doing business in Canada require legal documentation to be completed first and information can be obtained from Canada High Commission in your city. You can also visit the websites or  which highlights specific regions and relevant information.

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