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Photonics 6 inch LED recessed down-light
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 13:51
This down-light is available in multiple specifications and is also available in the smart Bluetooth version as well.
Photonics Master T8 LED tube
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 13:41
Photonics A19 bulb
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 13:36
Photonics A19 LED bulb that is compatible with standard E27/E26/B22 lamp holders.
Smart Blutooth LED
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 13:22
Photonics has developed wireless LED products where you can control the LED lights with a smart device via Bluetooth connection
Photonics Smart Bluetooth LED
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 13:12
Combining bluetooth 4.0 and LED technology together Photonics have developed a stable wireless product where you can control the LED light via your smart device.
Photonics LED Panel
Author: markmLED on Aug 8, 2014 12:29
The most recent development by Photonics Ltd the LED panel, this could be the lightest Panel in the world at the moment and can be more cost friendly than other products of it type.
Magnetic separator
Author: Milly on Aug 1, 2014 8:16
Magnetic separator made of magnet and stainless steel, using this , can improve products' quality, so that to get more profit.
Introduction to Your ITALIAN Shopping - online directory of Italian manufacturers
Author: YourITALIANShopping on May 18, 2014 17:53
joy company
Author: richardjoy on Apr 12, 2014 7:44
Introduction of a new plant on production of copper tubes in Uzbekistan
Author: Mukhiddin on Apr 10, 2014 9:31
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