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l, Lorin A Tarr, swear that the following statements are true and accurate. All of these statement are derived out of a business dealing between Infiniti Marketing, Group, lnc., an American company owned by Rick Zielomski, and JITC, LLC., an American corporation base in Atlanta Georgia and incorporated in the state of Georgia.

The transaction fell apart because Mr. Zielomski failed to complete his required payment to JITC, LLC.

I was told directly that Mr. Zielomski he had hired 2 men, who were either currently or previously involved in Philippine law enforcement. There job was to investigate Mr. Janitzek in the Philippines. Their instructions initially were to investigate Mr. Robert Janitzek in the Philippines even though the transaction in question was between two American companies. That effort was a failure and abandoned.

After a period of time he put together a plan to kidnap Robert’s wife and son in an effort to force Robert to pay the monies that he thought were owed him by Robert. Further he said that he made arrangement to prevent Mr. Janitzek from leaving the Philippines.

He then created a plan to draw out Robert that was based upon a false business plan where he falsified documents by signing the signature of an employee of another company. That effort failed as Mr. Janitzek detected the deception. As to Mr. Zielomski, his two attempts to kidnap, first his wife and then he himself both failed.

He then claimed that he had a relative that worked for the FBI who would assist him by putting Robert in the FBI computer that would hold Robert for questioning if he came into the USA.

In addition to his actions directed toward Robert, he sent a collector to either use bodily harm or other forms of intimidation including threatening phone calls to have me pay his purported lost money. There after he went to Mexico to search for somebody to come after me to beat me till I paid him his truth-less losses in the transaction that he had with JITC.LLC.

I swear that everything in this affidavit is true and accurate.


Lorin A. Tarr

(former JITC, LLC CEO)


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