Aluminum Blinds - Decor on a budget

By Optimus Prime on Jan 10, 2011 8:18
Learn how Aluminum blinds offer great personalization and elegance to your decor while being very affordable.

Unless you live in prison (just kidding), you’re bound to have windows surrounding you. Whether at the office, at home, in school, even in your car... windows fulfill an important purpose. Windows provide a constant means of natural daylight to our homes, while allowing us to admire the view of the world outside. However if you think about it, the purpose of the windows is the only thing that is beneficial, but the windows themselves are just plain boring. Still, people can jazz up a window with different types of window coverings such as curtains and blinds. These coverings enhance the appearance of windows, plus they also fulfill the important aspect of personal privacy. Not to mention that decorative window coverings provide a personalized atmosphere to any room.

The aluminum blinds have been one of the most prominent of all window coverings. Aluminum blinds are popular for providing privacy and elegance to the room. Yet the most redeeming factor about aluminum blinds is that they let you choose how much light is allowed into the room. This is the main advantage that aluminum blinds have over curtains and other drapery. With aluminum blinds, you can select several levels or even direction of the light making its way to the room.

Aluminum is well known as a non-corrosive, non-toxic, and lightweight metal. Using aluminum as the primary metal in aluminum blinds is both economical and durable. Aluminum blinds are long lasting thanks to the amazing qualities of aluminum. No need to worry about rust, rot or stains. Their durability can be judged simply when there is a breeze. Even though aluminum may lighter than any other metal, the aluminum blinds are still heavy enough not to sway whenever a breeze blows through it. Aluminum blinds are more durable than plastic or fabric blinds and stick around for a longer period of time.

The outer layer of aluminum blinds also provides room for decorative graphic printing. Also, aluminum blinds come in customized solid and soothing colors, which you can pick as they match with the rest of your interior color scheme. This offers a great personalized touch to your room. Aluminum blinds also emulate a sleek, modernistic and sophisticated touch to your room, office, etc.

Now you might think that such personalization could be heavy to the pockets, but honestly, thanks to the abundance of aluminum as a metal, aluminum blinds are not very expensive at all. In fact, aluminum blinds are an ideal product if you’re decorating on a tight budget. And as affordable as they are, aluminum blinds are just as beautiful to look at. Truly aluminum blinds offer more bang for a small buck.

And aluminum blinds aren’t just for homes or offices. They are also available for certain car models where they can be fitted at the rear windscreen. This helps control sunlight in case if you’re driving with the sun behind you, and also add a touch of elegance to the otherwise dull rear windscreen.

Aluminum blinds require zero maintenance. All they need is a duster to get rid of any dust that piles up, or can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Whereas with fabric blinds, you’ll need to take them down and wash them every time there’s a stain or they get too dirty. Not with aluminum blinds, which are virtually stain proof; sparing you from countless hours (and horrors) of cleaning torments.

And here’s another fact you never knew about aluminum blinds: they’re safe. Blinds come in wood, fabric, bamboo wood, and vinyl etc, which could easily catch fire in case there is one. But not aluminum! No sir.

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