Importance of Trust points

By Optimus Prime on Feb 23, 2011 4:15

Trust Points system is a TradeKey’s point system that can help you to pick the reliable sellers and determine the credibility of a seller. A member with more trust points is more reliable but it doesn’t mean that you can trust him/her blindly. It is always recommended to check these sellers through other means as well before making payment.

Trust Points are rewarded based on a number of factors, i.e. a member (seller) can get maximum trust points from by submitting attested Company Registration Certificates or making a payment (For membership) through the Company Bank Account. So don’t be surprised if you see a member with 3000 Trust points and yet he has done any deal with any buyer and hasn’t received any feedback from buyers.

These are the basic trust points rewarded by when member upgrades it membership to premium membership. Trust points are also rewarded based on Feedback received from the buyers about sellers which is subject to approval after verification. Trust points rewarded based on Buyers’ feedback have more value and great impact on seller’s profile. For sellers it is suggested to ask your customers to post feedback about your company after a successful business deal.

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Re: Importance of Trust points (Tradekey must do more)

By BR Home Products on Mar 1, 2011 18:17
Some buyers are giving ratings and comments on the sellers profile page and reporting to the Tradekey fraud dept  -- like me.  However, then Tradekey doesn't  note the buyer's rating/comments on the seller's trustpoint page, profile page, etc.  Just putting points and how many feedbacks there have been is woefully inadequate, as I just witnessed another person get ripped off by the same company I did, but had my comments been put on the sellers page/trustpoints page/profile page, it would likely have prevented it.

As my very first buy using Tradekey was an apparent scam, this site must be chock full of scammers. 

Sure Tradekey is growing -- growing in fraud sellers and victims.

If Tradekey wants to enjoy favorable status and grow in legitimate ways, it also needs to place all buyer's ratings/comments on the seller's front page, on the seller's trust points page and on the seller's profile page and not just points or gold status.

I hope this occurs soon.