There companier are cheater

By Nina84 on Nov 26, 2014 7:12

Dear Everyone,

I am writing to exchange  of my experience

On September, 2014 our company had signed a  sale contract  with WUXI GUANGYUANJI SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD  via their agent: WUXI JOYRAY INTERNATIONAL CORP.

We confirmed two orders of stainless steel 201, total quantity is 25 tons. All terms and conditions were accepted by both parties (Seller and Buyer) but the seller WUXI GUANGYUANJI SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD  did not keep their promise and they did not deliver enough quantity as sale contract. They delivered 15 tons of stainless steel instead of 25tons as contract. 

After we checked quantity, we contacted them and informed them about that and we asked them to deliver enough quantity or they must return value of 10tons they did not deliver but they refused our request.  I sent many emails and made call but nobody answered 

I would not like anyone to be cheated by WUXI GUANGYUANJI SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD like me. Because of this mistake, I am not confident in doing business with Foreign suppliers so I submitted this information and I hope many good companies can support us, help us to contend, excommunicate cheaters

Their address is No. 5120, Huijian International Hardware Mechanical-Electrical Mall, Xitong Village, Dongbeitang, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Website on


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