Announcing the Launch of "The Sourcing Blog"

By IMEX Sourcing on Dec 18, 2014 12:15
 Hi All,

I am excited to announce the launch of the “The Sourcing Blog” which will be authored by my colleague. We thought a blog would be a great medium to share some of the experiences we have had working with Chinese factories over the years in China. Through the blog, I hope to share information on subjects like, importing from China, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, Risk-Management & related areas.

Some of the key objectives of the blog would be to:

§  Share strategies for importers so they can optimize & streamline their imports

§  Share industry related sources that could be of value to new & existing importers

§  Share import strategies for e-commerce sellers, especially eBay Powesellers & Amazon FBA sellers

§  Share information on “Quality Control” & related subjects when importing from China

§  Share advice for “Fraud Prevention” in International Trade


I hope we can bring some value through the blog on this subject. At the same time, as the blog is quite fresh at the moment and we are still working on the various aspects, I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have. I look forward to seeing some of you on the blog and your feedback on the forum here.

Visit our new Blog: htttp://



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