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Dec 9, 2011 5:28
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Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal products are manufactured from solid sheets or plate of Stainless steel, carbon, aluminum and a variety other metals as per required application or usage. Expanded Metals are manufactured from one solid sheet of metal, so it is stronger than any other welded metal and can never unravel.

Process of manufacturing Expanded Metal is so simple. In the expanding process, the sheet is simultaneously slit and stretched through machine, which expands the slits into diamond shaped holes in similar size, shape and regularity.

Firstly, sheet metal passes through a roller or feed below cutting mechanism which has triangular-shaped spikes that pierce the sheet metal as well as force the hole which expand the metal. For this purpose, the spikes must be shaped like triangular pyramids. As the sheet metal go through machine, the cutting mechanism expands and cuts several holes in the metal. It moves up and down, to cut the metal, and back and forth to make alternating diamond shapes.

In the expanding process of metal, interesting thing is that Metal is not wasted, which is cost effective and expanding process makes Metal more stronger and lighter than the original sheet as well as adding strength and rigidity in metal.

Our company Anping County Huijin Wire Mesh Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of Expanded Metal and Perforated Metal in different varieties as per customer’s demand and drawing.

Our company adheres to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" purposes, implements scientific quality management and strict quality control. Our products all passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification.
Sep 16, 2011 7:25
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