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Jun 7, 2014 14:00
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Chia Seeds Information

Sandra Gillot and her company, Function Products Trading, S.A. based in Chile enters into contracts to purchase large quantities of Chia from farmers and traders.

Ms. Gillot has taken actions which have been detriment to the entire Chia Seed Market.

While working with a well know and well respected Mexican chia manager, she went to Mexico where she figuratively waved her money which single handedly raised the price from $1.30 per pound to over two @ per pound in less than 30 days which made it unfeasible for most buyers. Within 2 more months the price went to $3,00 further disrupting the market. To make matters worse she intended to take Mexican chia seed and use her trade name, Benexia, to package the chia seed without claiming that the seed came from somewhere other than Bolivia which is the home of Benexia (visit her Home page at : www.Benexia.com).

This certainly is not truth in labeling and cheating on her customers.

In her other dealings, her actions were fraught with lies which served to damage the reputation of reputable growers, traders and business partners of chia seed business.

She seems to make similar accusations which are categorically untrue without consideration of the consequences.

Before doing business with her one should carefully investigate her record.

Truly Yours,

Lorin A. Tarr & Alexandro Mateo

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Jun 8, 2014 0:21
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