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May 13, 2014 8:52
Published in Press Releases

TradeKey And Platinum Sign Landmark Deal For Australia

Adelaide, Australia
6th May 2014

Australian Businesses are celebrating today with news that TradeKey.Com has partnered exclusively with Platinum Group in Australia to give local support and expand its current membership of 183,000 strong Australian Businesses.

Tradekey owns, manages and operates one of the largest B2B portals in the world (
www.tradekey.com) connecting traders with global buyers, importers & exporters, manufacturers and distributors in over 240 countries, quickly and cost effectively. 

Platinum Group (
www.platinumwebmedia.com.au) operates one of the largest Digital Agency's in Australia. Platinum is also aligned with DHL's only global reseller, InXpress.com.au in Australia. Not only will existing (and new) Australian Tradekey members get access to Platinum Digitals (Penta) 5 step online success program, but also get free access to InXpress's Membership, who use world class carriers such as DHL and TNT, a perfect match for busy Australian importers and exporters.


"We see it as a win-win-win (Tri-Win) for Australian Business, Platinum Group and Tradekey, says David Samuel, Platinum's CEO."

"A highly networked B2B platform that has a Global reach, and, now, an Australian presence, to help export Australian products to the world, with a great digital presence and expert logistics advise" Samuel continues. 

Haris Siddiqui, Country Manager from TradeKey remarks "It such an honor to partner with an Australian company such as Platinum Group, with vast knowledge of local industry, digital offerings to help Australian business online'' 

"We sincerely hope all existing and new members will fulfill their global potential by accessing worldwide contacts via TradeKey
.com", Haris Siddiqui (Country Manager at TradeKey.com) concludes.

The deal, due to be rolled out by the start of June, is also applauded by
InXpress.com.au's Asia Pacific CEO, Lindsay Birley "Its a great marriage actually for all 3, as David said, its a (TRI-WIN) - TradeKey offers Australian business the worldwide contacts, Platinum has the Digital skills to showcase and InXpress has the international logistic skills to deliver, Fantastic partnership".

David Samuel is also the chairman of the Limelight Foundation (www.limelight.org.au) and whilst at today's release, was also busy informing all of the importance of this months awareness for Mental Health Month May.

For media enquiries, please contact 
pr@platinumwebmedia.com.au or marketing@tradekey.com



Mar 13, 2012 12:53
Published in Safe Trading

Get Rewarded for Successful Deals at TradeKey.com

When buyers & sellers have successful deals together, the benefits of doing business online become much more worthwhile. Sellers benefit by finding long-term buyers and receiving testimonials to get more business, while buyers can be satisfied by trustworthy suppliers.

TradeKey has recently updated its rewards system for suppliers that provide exceptional service to buyers, thus helping new buyers to make an educated decision regarding the supplier they are visiting. Now, suppliers can earn bonus Trust Points simply based on successful transactions with buyers and feedback from them.

The different levels of Trust Points received are as follows:

  1. For every transaction between $1 to $2,000, a positive feedback from a buyer can get the seller up to 100 Trust Points*
  2. For every transaction between $2,001 to $5,000, a positive feedback from a buyer can get the seller up to 200 Trust Points*
  3. For every transaction between $5,001 to $10,000, a positive feedback from a buyer can get the seller up to 300 Trust Points*
  4. For every transaction over $10,001, a positive feedback from a buyer can get the seller up to 500 Trust Points*

* - The details of Trust Points allocated are elaborated below:

Transaction Amount Free Member Premium Member [Domestic] Premium Member [International]
$1 to $2,000 20 20 100
$2,001 to $5,000 50 50 200
$5,001 to $10,000 100 100 300
Over $10,000 200 200 500


Conditions for receiving Trust Points based on Positive Buyer Feedback are as follows:

  1. Proper Invoice [in order to determine product details]
  2. Proof of Transaction [i.e. payment receipt etc]
  3. Correspondence through TradeKey [i.e. communication logs through Message Center and/or TradeMate.]
  4. Proper comments of buyers regarding the transaction

For more information, please click here for our Trust Points page online or email us at feedback@tradekey.com.
Mar 8, 2012 7:28
Published in Learning Centre

Sub Account User Guide

These sub accounts are able to login at Tradekey on behalf of their parent account and can perform a limited set of actions as allowed by Master account.

1. Click on Manage Sub Accounts from Trade Tools.

2. Click on Add New Sub Accounts after click on Manage Sub Accounts.

3. At Add New Sub Account you will have three things.

I. Creation of Sub Account’s User name & Password: You can create the User Name and password for the Sub account.
II. Selection of User Access Rights: You can select the rights which you want to give access and assign limits of posting and viewing
III. Create Sub Account Button: By clicking on it, sub account will be created.

4. After the creation of Sub Accounts all credentials will be display Manage Sub Accounts. From here you can view the following things;
I. User Name
II. Last Login Date
III. Access Rights
IV. Action

5. Sub Account user name will be created with Master Account;

E.g. if a master account xyz provide abc as sub account username, the username generated would be "abc-xyz".

6. Master Account/Parent Account can perform following actions in order to manage Sub-Accounts.

I. View Sub Account Activity
II. Edit Sub Account
III. Disable Sub Account
IV. Delete Sub Account
V. Transfer unassigned offers
VI. Account ownership details

7. After clicking on “View Account Activity”, you can select the Sub Account User and review the Sub accounts performed activity with Dates and Time.

8. By clicking on “Edit” at Action field, parent account can also edit the Sub Accounts and can change the password and rights access. You can also view the used limit of sub account.

9. By clicking on “Disable” at Action field, parent account can disable any Sub Account. After disabling the Account message will be displayed and the “Enable” Feature will Viewed, so parent user can enable the account again.

10. By clicking on “Transfer Unassigned Offers” at Action field, parent account can transfer the posted unassigned offers to sub account holder by assigning the ownership.

11. By clicking on “Account ownership details” at Action field, parent account can transfer the posted offers of 01 subaccount to another sub account holder by assigning the ownership.

- Just select the subaccount from where you want to transfer
- Select the offer type which you want to transfer from sub account activity
- Select ownership to which you want to transfer the offers.

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