Dos & Donts

Forum Posting Rules: Things to Do & Things Not to Do

Things to Do:
·         Participate in discussions as an educated and thoughtful person.
·         Write on-topic and relevant messages/replies.
·         Post your messages in suitable sections.
·         Mention the source of your information if reproducing someone else’s writing.
·         Understand thoroughly what others are saying instead of assuming, before replying.
·         Be cautious of what you write as you will be responsible for what you say, not
·         Share your thoughts and opinions in a clear and concise manner.
·         TradeKey’s discussion boards provide a venue for businesses to get in touch with each other to discuss business ideas, problems and confusions and explore new business resources.  Therefore, the posting or publication of any inappropriate topics / articles / messages is not allowed. TradeKey reserves the right to remove or edit any information it deems improper.
Things Not to Do
·         Don’t use offensive language or profanity.
·         Don’t pass rude remarks and avoid humiliating others.
·         Don’t take things personal and avoid criticizing others.
·         Don’t post unnecessary or useless messages.
·         Don’t post off-topic or irrelevant messages/replies.
·         Don’t discuss or violate anyone’s private/personal matters and avoid insulting others.
·         Don’t post any personal/religious /cultural/gender-specific abuses or unpleasant comments.
·         Don’t post any ads at all. If confused, get in touch with TradeKey prior to posting to confirm whether your post is an advertisement or not.
·         Don’t post Sell Offer / Buy Offer either on the discussion boards or in your articles.
·         Don’t use all uppercase / capital letters.
·         Don’t post any contact details in your messages at all. For example, physical address, email address, phone number, instant messenger details, website URL/information, etc.
·         Don’t provide any contact details in your signature.
·         Don’t involve in personal attacks.
·         Don’t discuss political issues.
·         Don’t post any information that violates or infringes the copyright rights of any person or entity.
·         Don’t attempt to resolve any business arguments / disputes or any fraud accusations / allegations. Issues of such nature should always be forwarded to directly.
·         Don’t SPAM the forum:
  • Spam is a forceful attempt to put the message in front of people who wouldn’t see or want to see it otherwise.
  • Do not try to direct the readers to your affiliates via affiliate links.
  • Do not try to promote your website on the discussion boards.